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I am really very sorry for using Americanish again, forgive me for this sin but it’s still the only way 2 be worldwide famous and charming without charity.

Smyrna or Izmir is an abusive and attracting hermaphrodite and my coccyx is really dicking my frontal lobes in order to make decision.

This causes ah high degree of ambivalence and ambitandance; and I either run as an Arabic horse (ḥiṣān ʿarabī) or stop like a frozen tarla faresi Microtus arvalis.

We came here in the Business Class, watching and listening prayer of Prophet Mohammad on the video, which caused a little epidemic among the travelers. The Gavures were panicking because they have Islamophobia, the seculars are panicking because of Faiz Lobby, and the True Believers were panicking because they didn’t know what this is!

Laikçi Diaspora like us was trying 2 get out of the plane for picking up flowers so that we would survive.

The pilot was panicking because he confused the route: Bagdad, Kudüs (sometimes called as Jerusalem, which is a misnomer) or bombing the worst firavun Esed Ased!

Since my first message, I became a very Façonabble top secret agent of CIA, FBI, MOSSAD, Her Majesty’s Top Gun and so 10.

I knew everything taaa from the beginning. I knew that FB would loose and get lost. Even Peşkir kulaklarına inanamadı (could not believe that he had ears)!

For example, the wedding saloon with no telephone number and nobody knows was full of ice cubes from nature called dolu and the ceremony was postponed 2 today.

I hope like Pope that everything went Fine and Divine with "washing feet fetish"!

Today we turned back 2 İstanbul in economy class and drinking our national beverage.

Let me explain in simple terms of abuse like pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis


A member of my family dismissed me from his loyalty and began to think whenever I was in. He is a true Terminatore, not like Sherminatore.

Anybody he calls “my friend” or “mother” or “farter” or “brother” or “enemy” suffers from severe debilitating en debil/devil formatting diseases like cancer or COLD of any kind.

His father broke the vacuum cleaner on his back and passed away from still controversial fatalities; the main reason was the pansexual activities he observed. In the later years, beginning to scroll down to dementia, he tried to seduce young boys available passed away suddenly.

His best friend who shared all the causalities jumped from the fifth floor's balcony, why he died is still a mystery.

His mother had Hodgkin’s lymphoma but since he could not finish the university because “a professor taktı very much”, she survived; after that she wanted 2 see his mürüvvet (marriage) which would be a disaster like mortgage. She saw and let herself go, because she couldn’t stand anymore!

Allah’tan ki (by Thy Lord’s wish) his wife was a real aristocrat with high morality end never left him; although he did everything to deserve this.

He was in Norwegian Airways, all the planes crashed on the ground and first the company, than the country bankrupted after he just separated because of separation anxiety.

He opened the very first underground tourism firm but they were all so firm that, because going to kebabpçıs (Turkish chargrills) and drinking national drinks, nobody was in the office! This was a World and Turkish record in this area of conflict!

He jumped into an aşk-ı memnû (forbidden love) with his partner. She was married of course and her husband threatened him to murder if he did not give everything 2 his wife. He was deadly horrified and I took him to a policeman friend of mine to use a gun but the only time he fired with his eyes closed and hands shivering, he shot his lovely dog!

Remember, the previous Lord could not handle this and died. He also was a friend f Him.


He sold everything an opened a video hiring holding but the place and client choice was wrong. He bankrupted of course and borrowed much money from me which was dropping from outer space 2 my mouth from pigeon miscarriage victims. His aunt had his very first heart problem. After 2 years he died completely, and his wife, also his older sister passed away arka arkaya!

Just after that he entered the computer business. The only computer he was able to sell was of course to me, my good luck! It never worked well and every time I visited the office, the real Hugo Boss was absent. I asked “brother, am I your only customer” and was embarrassed with a confirming head movement and affect. His partner disappeared for ever and nobody knows what he did or did not!

After this disaster, they moved to an underground flat, cohabitating with Miki Mouse, scorpions and members all kind of animal, flora and mushrooms. This indeed enhanced their immunity.

The laws would not forgive his smuggling; because of his pathetic condition, a well-known journalist helped him from going 2 prisons.

They divorced in order to keep his wife’s security but he was saying “this is my salvation, God’s present, hi ho” etc.

I always visited him and gave cash money many times.

He was in a chronic pseudo-neurological condition called oculogyric crisis, always looking at the ceilings.

He re-entered in tourism business but not as an employer, on the contrary as an employee or slave.

He began to smoke even while sleeping!

I told him not to do and because of the money he spent for cigarettes (always the best and expensive gâvur ones) would solve his problems of debt and spending. He did not and they moved to an apartment floor. Because of the schizophrenic cat “our son” the flat deeply smelled of cat urine and smoke!

My ex-wife was negatively affected and out “ruote divorcee” began in those days.

I was working and studying hard to climb the stairs of life, he was following me as a pissing contest. I was buying a new car; he would do with a rotten one…

We were dating almost every week and I paid almost all the bills.

When my wife and daughter tried to get away from me, he and his wife were the persons who learned this and they said them that “they were right”.

For God’s sake, he has moral conscious and gave me the good news in the same kebapçı, I paid of course. It was worth that!

Just on the New Year’s celebration, I was in the same kebapçı, with his beloved wife was laughing for short time “a Jaguar and a suitcase, peh”. I paid of horse…

I had no place to go except my mother’s home; they did not ever call me even for 1 knight.

I recovered, turn back to life; they were absent during this period.

When I was in the arena again, they were my best friends. I was not salak (jerk) but it was an Adurrahman Çelebi condition.

They were sent to two apartments by their patrons, both were cold and they were floating in humidity.

Both were smoking like chimneys and the smell of urine was definitely enough to any kind of living creature.

After every successful congress operations, the sympathetic bosses gave them cheap watches, he had a huge collection and finally they sent him away, anyway!

One day he appeared and said that they would move to Bodrum. Meanwhile I was remarried and catching happiness again, we insisted him not to do that and said “if a man lives with his wife’s money, nobody respects him”!

He did do what he wanted and I forgot the amount of “no-returning” charity I gave, we gave.

After entering into the worst COLD condition, he became a true slave.

I gave 100 TL in order to let him watch soccer matches.

Once the invited us there, they paid the bill but the taxi expense was four fold!

His recent role was playing The Gotfather of the family.

A female figure suffering from mid-life crisis and looking scanning everywhere to project her yetersizlik feelings from my very early childhood suddenly decided to go and stay there and he was sadistically happy: He would f u c k, dick, screw and kill me this time!

But, again the Grand Architect of Thy Universe did not allow this and that shallow could not go there because of a death of a friend.

Now he says told me to get away from his life…

He did not even have the courage to expel me.

Ok buddy.

   No problem.

      I never know or remember anytime

         That I was in anyhow!

            Au revoir…

Mehmet Kerem Doksat – Istanbul - Sunday, August 18, 2013

Note: It was declarated that The Founder or Inventor of the "process" were responsible for every illegal things; also the USA was in the same situation.

So, a Western Story of Kurdish jenoside is on the way and we are opening our homes 2 them and Arabian World.

A recent rumor is that Habertürk will give up talking 2 three guys (a pseudo-psychiatrist, an ordinarius neurologist and a physiologist per se) who are not succesful at all to explain the Id, Ego and Superego concepts for 2 hours!

Lâ Mevcûde İllâllah!


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